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  • Unique paintings and sculptures
    01Unique paintings and sculptures
    Krisztina Kállai painter produces definitely unique paintings and sculptures that match your taste. Ask us for an individual offer with regard to the size, technique and design, and we will deliver the artworks
  • Custom panels
    02Custom panels
    The specialists of Gobbetto Art Design offer you the unique opportunity to create original panels from our special materials, adapted to your ideas, your home, and your taste. These panels are applied to the
  • Design and implementation
    03Design and implementation
    Gobbetto Art Design works with special materials that can be utilized in nearly limitless ways. From artwork to the entire panelling of a sports field, the possibilities are truly infinite. Ask for our offer!
  • Restaurants, offices, shops
    04Restaurants, offices, shops
    The materials of Gobbetto Art Design offer ways to create special arrangements of space not only in your home but will lend a restaurant, a shop or even an office an original and special atmosphere. It is well
  • Bathroom and kitchen
    05Bathroom and kitchen
    The materials of Gobbetto Art Design offer a wonderful option for furnishing bathrooms and kitchen, since they provide for water, heat and abrasion resistant surfaces in addition to the aesthetics. We are able
  • Interior design
    06Interior design
    It is a central question as to where you arrive home after a tiring day or a long trip! Our home is the island of rest and peace where our loved ones and the environment fundamentally determine our quality of