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About us

Gobbetto Art Design makes use of a special material to create novel ideas of how to design an aesthetic, clean and stylish space. Unparalleled in interior design, we realize your most diverse dreams in a unique and innovative way for almost any type of space, both indoors and outdoors. You can choose quite futuristic effects, satin or mirror effect surfaces, or our uniquely designed patterns and an unlimited range of colours for our natural pigments, instead of conventional and stock matte, monotonous interiors, while saving the frustration about grout joints and split floors.

The parent company developed a state-of-the-art system and technology for this innovative material that makes it possible to deliver the finest ever surfaces in the world with an original design. All of this is provided uniquely free of chemicals and odours. Our procedure enables us to transform any type of living space in a harmonious, unique or even luxurious fashion. During the process, we use colours and light effects preferred by you to achieve your perfect sense of comfort.

This uniqueness and diversity of application helps Gobbetto Art Design make use of this fantastic material in Hungary. Primarily based on interior design and art, we create special and incomparable surfaces that are durable and have water, impact, scratch, heat and UV resistant properties. Thanks to these properties, the raw material can be utilized beyond artistic use, for outdoor and indoor, industrial or residential floorings and pavements too.

Our art director, Krisztina Kállai, painter, ensures the uniqueness of application, while our interior designer, Szilvia Kállai makes designs of the most aesthetic and suitable surfaces, pavements and creations for your home, office or shop.

It is almost impossible to describe everything about the extremely versatile uses of Gobbetto raw materials; please browse through our inspirational pictures instead and feel free to contact us with your questions!