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Gobbetto Art Design

About us

Gobbetto Art Design makes use of a special material to create novel ideas of how to design an aesthetic, clean and stylish space. Unparalleled in interior design, we realize your most diverse dreams in a unique and innovative way for almost any type of space, both indoors and outdoors. You can choose quite futuristic effects, satin or mirror effect surfaces, or our uniquely designed patterns and an unlimited range of colours for our natural pigments, instead of conventional and stock matte, monotonous interiors,...


Monosint®, Dega® Art, Dega® Spatolato, Dega® Carpet e Flexint® represent the evolution in the field of innovative surfaces suitable for outdoor and indoor, industrial or residential floorings and coatings.

Our raw materials can be combined in incredibly spectacular ways with luminous and 3D elements. This is an extremely tasteful option for home lighting, but really scenic designs are possible for restaurants, shops, and for advertising purposes too.